Thursday, January 7, 2016

A video clip that caught my attention

Are Plants Conscious?

The content of the video clip~ From researchers tests it is shown that the plants have memory. It is proven by a test on a mimosa. When the mimosa was first dropped it curled up but after a few times it did not curl up as it realised that it was not a threat. Moreover when it was dropped after a month it did not curl up as it had remembered it was not a threat. So this proved it had memory power. It was also proved that plants could hear,feel and react. When a caterpillar eats the leaves of the plant it produces an oil like substance with a smell and when the sound of the caterpillar eating its leaves were played from a radio it also produced the oil like substance.

  • I have learnt that plants have memory power like us.
  • They also can hear.
  • They also can feel and they are like us.

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